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Bookmydezine to explain the design of the banner The most visible part of the ad should be an adjective of value and call to action We will certainly know the image of your ad that needs to attract viewers. We will filter (i.e. unpleasant taste of color balance and contrast) the image can make it stand out and be visual. We will also like to combine the composition of the image with the images to create visual visuals. We will target specific ads in specific areas and use images as appropriate. Color selection is an important factor in designing advertising ads and it is very difficult to choose the right color combination because it depends on your product, target audience, and brand type.

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Before we start the project, we would need the following information from you- 1) Specific promotional/Ad text or Slogan 2) Size of the graphic required; Width and Height 3) Any images that you want to put into the graphic 4) Brand Logo in PNG/EPS/AI format and Website URL (if any)

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